スケッチ他 Sketches, etc.2021/04/08 16:03

These are sketches of my mother which were drawn by hand when she had a time. I think some sketches are cute.

オルゴール Music Box
music box

あやめ Iris

お茶の時間 Tea Time
tea time

かご Basket

てまり人形 Doll
a doll with a ball

ヘアカット Hair Cut
hair cut

ゆり Lily

花 Flower

牛乳とフルーツ Milk and Fruit
milk and fruit

姉妹 Sisters

デジタル水彩画 Digital Paintings2021/04/08 14:45

母はもうすでに亡くなりましたが、72歳の1999年までにパソコンで描いた絵をアップしておきます。電源の入れ方や、マウスの使い方から覚え始めて、ここまでできるようになった母は えらい!と思います。

My mother has already passed. I would like to show you her paintings that she had drawn using PC until the year 1999 on her 72 year-old. Started learning how to switch on and off a computer and how to operate a mouse, and finally, her skill had become good like these. I believe she was marvelous!

山 Mountains
This is the first picture. She had been straggling to use the watercolors program. She said "It might be easier to use real watercolors and paintbrushes." But she made it with her guts.

こけし Japanese traditional wooden doll
wooden doll
This is a "Kokeshi" or a Japanese traditional wooden doll, but it is actually a "Kokeshi" formed tea can. Thanks to pen-type device, lines are getting stable. Also the face is pretty cute, I think.

雲 Cloud
As her daughter, I like this taste. Don't you think its coloring is beautiful? I love traveling, so I cannot stand to stay. I wish I could go somewhere now...

あやめ Japanese Iris
As a matter of fact, I do not like flowers very much, but I like ones with less petals and less pollen like Japanese iris or lily of the valley. This a picture-look paint by crayons than by watercolors. Why?

うさぎ Rabbit
My mother was born in the year of the rabbit. In spite of her visually powerful daughter, she looked weak and kind like a rabbit. As she couldn't enjoy her health from her childhood, we do not understand why she has a daughter like me, and I have an elder sister, why she has daughters like us... (But, she had guts in her spirit. But, nobody knows it. I envy her.)

静か Silence
In April 1999, my mother and I stayed one week in Hawaii. For my mother, it was her first trip of overseas country. She didn't have her passport until her 71 years old, and had an experience to sit for 7 hours in an airplane. She was tired, but might have enjoyed. This was painted referring a photo which had been taken at the coast of Oafu. She seemed to have a difficulty to make her colors.

夕暮れ Dusk
This is sunset scene of the coast of Oaf as the same as "Silence". She was moaning then because the purple color of Hawaii's ocean could not be made, but this time, she was satisfied. When I took this photo, I saw a head of whale. I want to see them again !

獅子の舞 Kabuki Dance of Lion
While I was preparing to upload it, she said "it has not finished yet." And it was not finished at the end.
She intended to paint a dancing figure of "Ren-Jishi" or "Kabuki Dance of Twin-Lion". At that time, I couldn't help but changing a computer, so the pen and the pad we have used could not be applied anyhow. I had bought ones for USB port as a new technology at that time, but her interest had transferred to her original hobby, knitting already.
She had various interest and hobbies not like me.

キュビズム2011/08/19 00:44

Street Art


友達がミュシャのファンだってことで行きましたが、館内はなぜかめちゃくちゃ暑い & 空気の流れが悪い